Bogdanoff crypto-meme twins pass away at age 72


Raise your glass today to the twin characters behind the famous “pump eet” cryptocurrency meme. French television presenters have died within a week of each other at the age of 72.

According to Le Monde, the two brothers were hospitalized on December 15 and transferred to the intensive care unit of a Paris hospital after contracting COVID-19. Grichka died on December 28, and Igor died six days later, on January 3.

The twins rose to prominence in France in the 1980s, hosting a popular TV show called Time X and sell a bestselling book called Keys to science fictionn, or the keys to science fiction.

Despite their TV charm, wacky views on theoretical physics, and noble Russian lineage, the twins rose to prominence in the cryptocurrency market thanks to a viral meme. The twins’ high cheekbones, swollen lips and elongated chins, which the brothers denied were the result of plastic surgery, made them internet meme stars as early as 2015.

Extravagant and conspiratorial stories surrounding the twins first surfaced on Reddit and 4Chan before the creators of the cryptocurrency memes took over. The most iconic crypto meme shows Grichka as an omniscient, omnipotent figure, able to collapse – ‘get bogged down’ – or pump the cryptocurrency markets with just one phone call.

The original Youtube video from February 2018 has over 4 million views, while the meme is featured in Tweets and business forums.

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Luckily, the twins were happy to run with the joke and the new fame the meme brought them. In an interview with CNEWS in July of last year, they claimed to have predicted a Bitcoin-like currency (BTC) in 1982 as part of their Time X TV show. They even suggested that they may have met the mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakomoto in the 90s.

Igor told the Non-Stop People TV show that his famous photo of his brother on the phone has been seen over a billion times and that Satoshi “probably had something to do with it going viral.” There is no evidence of this interaction.

While the twins were no strangers to the eccentric or the extravagant, memes will no doubt live on.